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  1. Convert PDF to JPG in PHP
  2. Apply sepia effect to photos in PHP
  3. Check if 2 photos are visually the same in PHP
  4. Check if image was upscaled in PHP
  5. Check if your site visitor is using TOR network in PHP
  6. Compress image to PSD format in PHP
  7. Convert Adobe PSD images to PNG in PHP
  8. Convert FLAC audio file to MP3 in PHP
  9. Convert HTML document to PNG in PHP
  10. Convert HTML file to PDF document in PHP
  11. Convert HTML to plain text in PHP
  12. Convert MP3 to WAV in PHP
  13. Convert PDF document to HTML in PHP
  14. Convert PDF to JPG in PHP
  15. Convert PDF to TXT and keep layout in PHP
  16. Convert raster PNG image to vector SVG in PHP
  17. Convert WMA songs to M4A or OGG in PHP
  18. Create a screenshot of a webpage in PHP
  19. Currency converter in PHP, eg. EUR to USD
  20. Encode JPEG as progressive or baseline and remove metadata in PHP
  21. Extract single page from PDF in PHP
  22. Extract text from PDF in PHP
  23. Fetch page from Wikipedia as plaintext in PHP
  24. Finding TV show information using free IMDB API in PHP
  25. Generate waveform from MP3 audio file in PHP
  26. Get information on fonts used in PDF documents in PHP
  27. Get Youtube video thumbnails, title and duration in PHP
  28. Getting movie information using free IMDB API in PHP
  29. IP to City in PHP without database
  30. IP to Country in PHP with no database
  31. Open DDS texture in PHP and save as PNG
  32. Optimize PNG images so they take less space in PHP
  33. Reduce size of GIF animations twice in PHP
  34. Remove all metadata (including EXIF) from JPEG image in PHP
  35. Render website to JPEG in PHP
  36. Smartblur Intelligent blur image filter in PHP
  37. Trace images in PHP


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